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Why we like Google Calendars

Forget About Forgetting Ever had that feeling? You know there is something going on, but can’t quite think of what it is? Going through the day worrying, especially when you figure out that you missed that extremely important meeting. Well  – no more! With Google Calendar, scheduling worries finally disappear forever. Why Google Calendar? At […]

Why You Should Explore Google Docs?

Quite simply put, the world of Google Docs is incredible. How many times have you found yourself away from your work computer, but wanting or even needing to access a document on your work computer? Or how about the time you had to dig around for a flash drive just to share your document with […]

Email to Task to Calendar

This isn’t a really new feature, but I’m finding it very handy today, so I thought I’d share! You get an email, it has something you need to do at a later date.  While you’re in the email, just click “More Actions” and select “Add to Tasks”.  This will create a task in your list […]