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Why You Should Explore Google Docs?

Quite simply put, the world of Google Docs is incredible.

How many times have you found yourself away from your work computer, but wanting or even needing to access a document on your work computer? Or how about the time you had to dig around for a flash drive just to share your document with someone else? And what about all the money that is spent on buying new and “soon-to-be” outdated writing software every single year? If any of these questions have hit home for you, maybe it’s time you check out Google Docs.

Space and Organization

With Google Docs, convenience is a high priority. For starters, you’re allowed to have thousands of documents and spreadsheets. Not to mention the constantly expanding space Google continues to add. Organizationally, Google Docs is top-knotch. You can create folders to store documents by category, or simply organize by date. No more tying up resources while searching your computer for long lost documents, google search works within Google Docs and it’s FAST!

Different Forms

Aside from creating your own template, you can choose from five different forms of project. The categories are document, presentation, spreadsheet, form, and drawing. (Click any of the links  to read more) The bottom line is, Google software will never leave you hanging when it comes to getting an idea out, organized and shared. The variety keeps things simple, while at the same time allowing broad functionality.

Extended Perks

It’s our opinion that Google Docs goes where no application-based software has ever gone before in terms of accessibility. For starters, you can upload any existing documents you may currently have. But the fun certainly does not stop there. You can share the docs with anyone you choose (even making your link public to post anywhere you’d like). Not to mention the ability to collaboratively edit docs in real time! Simply share your document and watch as collaborators insert comments and update your doc. Chat is included as a sidebar in each doc, so conversations on key points are easy to have on the spot.  No more emailing docs back and forth, wondering whose copy is the latest version!  And since we have inspired you to ‘burn the midnight oil’, working from home or on the road –  If you ever have a question, feel free to contact the 24/7 support center. They will always be there to help.

Cost Savings

Ask for a quote on how you can save your company thousands of dollars. It’s not just about Docs, although saving time and money on new releases will change your cash flow. You will also feel like everyday is your Birthday as Google releases updates often – never keeping you hostage to outdated software, waiting years for the next best thing (and paying loads of money for it,too!) So, yes, Docs is awesome and saves you lots of money…but with Google enterprise you will also be saving money while keeping everything under your own domain! You will have one of the most powerful email products available today, Google Apps, Search features and accessibility all over the planet!

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