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Why we like Google Calendars

Forget About Forgetting

Ever had that feeling? You know there is something going on, but can’t quite think of what it is? Going through the day worrying, especially when you figure out that you missed that extremely important meeting. Well  – no more! With Google Calendar, scheduling worries finally disappear forever.

Why Google Calendar?

At first glance, all calendars may appear to serve the same purpose. Simply plug in an event and come back to the calendar when necessary. This is where Google Calendar separates from its less exciting competitors. Finally, a calendar that comes to you! No need to dig through different calendars, stressing and wasting valuable time to look through the days events. Simply set up 1-click notifications when plugging in an event. Google will send you a customizable alert via email, text and or pop-up to notify you of your event. It’s that easy! But wait, there’s more…

Convenience is Key

Imagine you have left home and are on the road when you realize you forgot to check your calendar. No worries! You may have already set up your account to receive a daily email first thing with your schedule. Or you may be getting text notifications. Google Calendar can also be accessed on the go. Google has developed a two way syncing ability to your smart phone’s built in calendar, and a mobile version of the calendar. You can even access your calendar offline! With offline access, you can view a read-only version of your calendar wherever you are. And for those of you out there who never leave your computers (you know who you are!)  you can easily sync your Google calendar with other desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal.

Sharing is Caring (lol)

Still not convinced? Google Calendar allows you to share your calendar with your co-workers, friends, and family. Color coding each calendar showing events with the appropriately colored highlight keeps your life neatly in order.

Never worry about asking a Co-Worker about a meeting again. It’s all right in front of you. Without the expense and IT heavy maintenence needed for an exchange server! You can share at an individual level, corporate level, or even go completely public. Google will even give you your own personal link to share your calendar on a site if you so choose.

Go with Google Calendar

While you can use Google Calendar personally for free, Google Enterprise offers even more functionality – such as corporate sync. With Google Calendar, your business flow and collaboration will become more organized and as a result, less stressful. Google Calendar makes life easier for both you and your business. So why not try it out today? This simple application change can truly bring much needed organization to your business world.

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