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RemoteLink has been developing custom software for more than 18 years now. We have developed several proprietary, in-house processes and practices to maximize efficiencies for developing a diverse set of software products and services (see below).

RemoteLink can augment your existing software development staff with talented, offshore resources, or we can utilize our in-house software project management specialists to manage an optimized team of offshore software talent to implement any project scope/size you have requirements for. This business unit has been incubated and developed for over 18 years now and is expected to be spun-off as a full fledged ecosystem company sometime in 2014.


Custom Web Apps/Services

RemoteLink has developed custom web portals for various clients over the years. Most do data collection, send data notifications, and parse data for import and export into other legacy system.


Custom Mobile Apps

RemoteLink has the ability to develop both native as well as hybrid mobile apps. Hybrid mobile apps have one codebase that can run on multiple vendor hardware and software platforms without any unique changes required. This offers a huge reduction in development cost and time. Hybrid application services become better every day, and most functionality that is desired is available to hybrid mobile applications. For very specific, unique functionality that leverages specific newer hardware functionality, RemoteLink can also develop native mobile applications for any platform on the market.


Custom Database Services

RemoteLink has developed custom web services for secure database transaction, secure payment gateway transactions, secure data retrieval and storage, dynamic report creation, etc.

RemoteLink has cloud hosted, open-source database platforms, both hardware and software to meet any levels of performance, scalability, access, security, administration and maintenance that is desired.


Behavior Driven Development

Behavior Driven Development, or BDD, provides additional efficiencies and leverages the capabilities of cross-functional, multi-site teams more effectively, especially for mid to large scale software development efforts.

A cross-functional BDD team is formed and become the base unit of software production. This team can be made up of a mixture of some, all or none of the following resources:

  • Client Marketing
  • Client Technical Managers
  • Client Technical Resources
  • RemoteLink US-based Project Managers with demonstrated offshore expertise
  • RemoteLink US-based product marketing specialists
  • Offshore technical development resources
  • Offshore testing and QA resources

Speed of production is controlled by the number of BDD teams working on the project in parallel, from one to many. This resource allocation of teams can be dynamic as needed.


Offshore Project Management

RemoteLink has developed a significant amount of expertise in managing offshore development projects. The two critical keys to success are

  • Competent offshore project managers that are local to the project, in a similar time zone, and with similar cultural and language background to the client
  • Offshore hosting organizations that create an atmosphere of trust, reliability, and long-term employee retention which typically includes best-in-class training and corporate benefit environments.

When these two keys are fully present, the success of offshore projects is all but guaranteed. Our offshore project managers can be used to manage your offshore projects with your own dedicated offshore teams, or with elastic offshore development teams that RemoteLink has a history off success with.