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As a business leader/owner, a significant portion of the legacy that you leave behind will be related to your business. Over the long haul, how well your business will do without you is much more important than how well it does with you.

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Maximizing Workforce Contribution

Organizations that can recruit, develop, engage and retain people with a high degree of skill in leading and governing themselves well and to their full potential, will effectively wield the last and greatest competitive advantage.

This advantage will be the direct result of these higher performing individuals having the ability to create effective working teams, resulting in an overall high performing organizational culture.

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Personal Leadership Effectiveness Culture

Personal Leadership Effectiveness(PLE) is defined as the skill of leading or governing oneself to full potential and desired level of success.

PLE comprises the understanding and the management of our hard-wired behavioral traits alongside our character competencies which progress and changeover one’s life and can be intentionally developed.


Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise is defined as a company which directly addresses social needs through their products and services, through the number of disadvantaged people they employ, and/or uses earned revenue strategies to produce a double bottom line of profit and social benefit, or a triple bottom line of profit, social benefit and environmental benefit.

Social enterprise endeavors are completely consistent and in-line with all faith-based and secular motivations and form a great common ground and foundational platform.


Business as Mission

The follower of Jesus sees the motivation for participating in business as social enterprise as one of the primary channels through which one’s faith, or overall mission in life, can be expressed. True business as mission has to reflect both components,

  • real, sustainable business that has demonstrated social benefit, and
  • real, sustainable, growing and developing faith at the business leader/owner level

Business as Mission is done best when both components are present and being pursued with equal, intentional vigor.