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Legacy Impact Group

As a business leader/owner, a significant portion of the legacy that you leave behind will be related to your business. Over the long haul, how well your business will do without you is much more important than how well it does with you.Learn more..


Remotelink Philippines

RemoteLink Philippines is a social enterprise that provides hosted, offshore resources in various capacities.Learn more..



Specialize in custom web design. Whether you’re looking for a new site, a redesign, or a few tweaks to your existing site, we make it as easy as possible for you to successfully reach your audience, and get them to act.Learn more..


Strategic Online Corporation

SOC can work with you in a traditional Agency model, as well as an outsourced project model where we manage off-shore resources working for you, and everything in between.Learn more..


Enhanced Telecommunications

For over 18 years, RemoteLink has been providing a number of enhanced telecommunication services to businesses across the country.Learn more..


Remotelink Infrastructure Services

RemoteLink has been developing custom technology and back office solutions specifically tailored for the small
and medium sized business, and the entrepreneurial and social enterprise incubator.Learn more..


Software Development

RemoteLink has been developing custom software for more than 18 years now. We have developed several proprietary,
in-house processes and practices to maximize efficiencies for developing a diverse set of software products and services.Learn more..


Social Enterprise Incubator

Social Enterprise endeavors are completely consistent and in-line with all faith-based and secular motivations and form a great common ground and foundational platform.Learn more..