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What is your competitive advantage?

One way to achieve competitive advantage is to provide superior products and services. As a Social Enterprise Incubator, RemoteLink believes a business should do more than just provide good products and services. We believe in supporting a social cause and giving back.

The image to the left illustrates RemoteLink’s proprietary Business Development Process, which allows us to live out this mission.

Definitions of Key Terms


Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise is defined as a company which directly addresses social needs through

  1. Their products and services;
  2. The number of disadvantaged people they employ; and/or
  3. The use of earned revenue strategies to produce a double bottom line of profit and social benefit, or a triple bottom line of profit, social benefit and environmental benefit.

Social Enterprise endeavors are completely consistent and in-line with all faith-based and secular motivations and form a great common ground and foundational platform. RemoteLink, Inc. demonstrates the success of a Social Enterprise business model through the development of RemoteLink Philippines, Inc. Established in 2007 in San Pablo City, Laguna, this business has recently been named a spin-off ecosystem company of RemoteLink, Inc. Our goal is to help other businesses find similar success with a Social Enterprise business model. If you would like to learn more about developing a Social Enterprise business model for your own organization, let’s get in touch.


Business as Mission

The follower of Jesus sees the motivation for participating in Business as Social Enterprise as one of the primary channels through which one’s faith, or overall mission in life, can be expressed. True Business as Mission (BAM) must reflect both of the following components:

  • Real, sustainable business that has demonstrated social benefit, and
  • Real, sustainable, growing and developing faith at the business leader/owner level

At RemoteLink, Inc., we have embraced this Business as Mission model and are always looking for exciting, innovative opportunities to become better disciples. If you would like to brainstorm a Business as Mission opportunity, we would love to hear from you!