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Email to Task to Calendar

This isn’t a really new feature, but I’m finding it very handy today, so I thought I’d share!

You get an email, it has something you need to do at a later date.  While you’re in the email, just click “More Actions” and select “Add to Tasks”.  This will create a task in your list that is now automatically linked to that email.  Next, you can add a due date, change the description of the task if the subject from the email is not descriptive enough, and make any additional notes you’ll need.

Then, if you want a quick overview of what is on your plate for the day, you can either:

  1. Open your task box and click Actions / Sort by Due Date, or
  2. Open your calendar and select “Tasks” under “My Calendars”

(Now, if Google would just add the ability to add reminders to these tasks, we’d be in REAL business…)

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