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Google resellers! (that’s us!)

We can hardly believe all the business that can be accomplished (not to mention the money that can be saved) with Google Apps!! It’s no secret how much an enterprise can spend just for basic email. (uhhh, talk to your IT purchaser or AP person, but tread softly….) But it isn’t widely known how something […]

We’ve Moved…

…to the Cloud! And what a move it was! We hit all the things that go along with moving. Packing: We decided where the stuff that we have always kept locally (with somewhat high IT costs) would go. To brainstorm we used Google Docs – allowing us to collaborate, make comments and updates real time. […]

URL Links in Spreadsheets

To create a link in a Google Spreadsheet, you simply use the HYPERLINK function. For example, if you want to be able to click the word “Google” and have it link to “”, you would type the following into the cell where you want the link: =HYPERLINK(“”,”Google”) visit: