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Voice Calling to Gmail

If you have been keeping up with recent Google reports you may already know that Google plans on adding voice capabilities to Gmail. But why is this important? Quite simply put, it is just another step Google is taking to compete in the world market. In this case, the competition involves applications such as Skype.

You may also already know that Google already carries applications by the names of Google Talk and Google Voice.

But this is different. Here’s how:

  • The Gmail voice service is purely a desktop application. It will be launched from a Chat window inside of Gmail.
  • Google Talk is a service that can only be used with other Google Talk users.
  • The Gmail voice service would integrate an actual phone service.
  • This is also different from Google Voice in the sense that it is not an actual phone number.

The hopeful plan is to eventually integrate Gmail Voice with Google Voice. This would allow for greater functionality and compatibility among Google Apps. No more switching from Google to Skype and back. Look for these additions to be made within the coming weeks. For more information, feel free to check out the Gmail Voice article!

Again, these changes will be made very soon so check back early and often for the new features!

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