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Understanding SEO – Part 1: Local SEO for Small Business

Like many products, the term Local SEO encompasses a large range of optimization services. The goal of this series is to help a small business understand what it all means, and to highlight the differences between SEO programs offered in the marketplace today.


Is everyone an SEO?


At least in Naperville and Aurora, IL, we have all been bombarded with SEO offers in our email. Some look attractive and have a list of tasks they perform like directory submissions, or number of backlinks built. The prices can range from $100 to $3,000 per month. Crazy. How do you know what steps to take? What are the differences between all the offers? Are some of them just taking advantage by overcharging? How many of these people were out of work and are now SEOs?


Can someone just give me a concise guide?


Quickly reading blog posts or other marketing related information can add to the confusion, it seems there are a million differences. Some of them sound good, some of them are simple, some of them want money. What is the best way to get page one rankings for my business? Can I do this myself? Should I do this myself?


The search professionals at RemoteLink can relate to the quest for information. We have lived the painful process, grown into success, and now we have refined it and share what we have learned to help other businesses grow. Internet Presence Marketing is our business, each and every day.


This series will do a little teaching and provide your business with the start of a useful SEO roadmap.


In this series on we will:

  • Highlight the differences between low-cost firms and those that cost more
  • Learn which activities are best suited for you and your staff, biggest gain for time spent
  • Learn which activities are best outsourced to an SEO firm
  • Help you avoid the activities which just consume your resources for little gain
  • Warn you of activities which could actually be damaging to your businesses internet presence
  • Teach you how to get an actual measurement and ROI (return on the investment)
  • Lend some insight on using social media to grow your business


Our process uses three simple steps, Get Found, Be Liked, and Add Customers. Join us as we start at the beginning with the first step – Get Found.


Today’s takeaway:

Local SEO spans a continuum of services from simple to complex. Most SEO firms today are practitioners of the simple 101 level tricks and tactics. They deliver on only the easy low hanging fruit which you can do yourself.


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[This post was originally published on December 9, 2011 on our Internet Presence Marketing blog]