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Quick Start SEO Program

A Quick Start SEO Program is designed to help businesses “get on the map,” so to speak. In this article, we’ll cover WHAT a Quick Start Program is, WHO needs to participate in a Quick Start, WHEN you should engage in these activities, and most importantly, WHY you should invest in a Quick Start.

A Quick Start SEO Program is a combination of three main activities: uploading images to the internet, uploading videos to the internet, and listing your business on local directories.

Creating & Uploading Images to the Internet
This step is as simple as it sounds – either take real photographs of your handy work or find images on the internet that you can legally use to advertise for your business. Then upload those images to photo-sharing websites such as Google+. This activity will help potential customers get a visual of your business.

Creating & Uploading Videos to the Internet
Creating and uploading videos to the internet is just a bit more tricky. Using a combination of photographs and keyword-focused scripts (text only or voice scripts), you can make videos that appear in search results. And we all know we’d rather watch a short video than read a long article, right?

Listing Your Business on Local Directories
This is the most important step of the Quick Start. Before the internet, people would refer to the phone book to find a local business. With the internet and smart phones, however, the phone book has become a thing of the past. Instead, consumers find local businesses on online directories such as Manta, SuperPages, and Yellow Pages. Listing your business on these directories not only helps customers find your business more easily, but also helps improve your chances of ranking in search results.

Every business – local or national – can benefit from a Quick Start. This is the most fundamental activity that you can do to set the foundation for your internet presence. Although local businesses have a more direct need for this program, national businesses will also benefit from a Quick Start, since search engines give preference to those businesses that have an established location.

Immediately. Your competitors are more than likely way ahead of you already. The longer you wait to get in the game, the more you will have to catch up to your competition..

As I mentioned above, your competitors are more than likely already engaging in SEO efforts. If they aren’t, it’s only a matter of time before they do. You need to stay in the game, or else risk losing (more) customers. Engaging in a Quick Start SEO Program will give your business an immediate boost and set the foundation for all SEO efforts in the future.

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