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Going Green with RemoteLink!

The more time I spend in Google for Business, the more excited I get about the MANY ways we can help clubs, associations, businesses and non-for-profits! My latest “aha” moment was about forms and Google check out. Too often I have to download, print, sign and fax something back with some sort of payment – […]

I love your fan page! So what is it you do?

I laugh when I hear these kinds of statements because they remind me that it is a busy world we live in and communication is, in my humble opinion, one of its biggest problems!  So to risk over-communicating I am about to tell you what it is we do as if you were at the […]

The Search is on!

Google is at it yet again. Trying to remain the major search giant, Google has been piloting an interesting new search approach. They call it the “Google Instant Search.” Although Google’s search feature is already extremely fast, they figured they could make it even faster. So fast that results would come up and narrow themselves […]