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Going Green with RemoteLink!

The more time I spend in Google for Business, the more excited I get about the MANY ways we can help clubs, associations, businesses and non-for-profits!

My latest “aha” moment was about forms and Google check out. Too often I have to download, print, sign and fax something back with some sort of payment – in the MAIL?? I don’t think I have SEEN a stamp in a year!

With Forms and Google check out, you take care of all that online, quick, easy…and paperfree!

(Of course you can use Google stuff for free, but bringing all that awesomeness under your domain with the added benefit of Google Marketplace, labs, etc… is just really smart.)

Speaking of smart… RemoteLink doesn’t just sell Google for business and other great Cloud Computing services, we train you and your staff in best practices, how to utilize the cloud to your best benefit and how to work through the adoption curve!

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