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Organic Search and Small Businesses

What is organic search?
There are three main types of search results that search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) provide.

Pay-per-Click Advertisements are results that companies pay money for.

Local results are indicated by a colored market that corresponds with a map on the results page (see image below). These results display businesses that offer a product or service to local customers.


Organic results are not indicated by any markers, but rather look like the image below. These organic results can be used for businesses that sell products and/or services. They can also be newspaper articles, how-to videos, or any other type of information individuals and/or companies might share on the internet.


How do I rank higher in organic results?
Typically, there are about 10 organic results on a page, give or take a couple, depending on the number of pay-per-click ads and local results that are also included on the page. Companies and individuals can compete for these spaces by optimizing their website and engaging in current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics.

Where do I get started?
If you are interested in optimizing your own website and moving into page one of organic results, you need to start engaging in current SEO tactics. Below are a just a few of the basic SEO tactics that would help your business improve its internet presence from an organic standpoint.

Write Articles
Articles are a great way to share information with potential customers. From sharing a “how-to” article on how to paint your own kitchen, to sharing tips on how to bake the best chocolate cake you’ve ever made, the options are limitless! The key to writing articles is to share relevant, useful information that customers will enjoy reading. The information should be relevant to your products and/or services and should provide value to your customers.

Share Videos
Videos are similar to articles in that they provide information, but in a much more interesting format! A visual representation of how to remove a stain from carpet might be easier for customers to understand than reading an article on the subject, for example. If you don’t have anything to demonstrate, you have the option of creating text-only videos for your customers. Tell customers more about your business in a short 30-second video with pictures and music!

Engage in Social Media
The number 1 way that search engines can tell you are a real business is by the number of people that engage with your business on social media. Owning social media profiles proves to search engines that you are a real business – your profiles can even appear in organic search results! Communicating with customers not only provides for better customer service, but it also allows potential customers to read reviews and learn more about the “softer side” of your business. Win over new customers with your excellent communication skills!

Organic search results are the most common type of result you can find on the internet. If your business would like to rank higher in the search results and drive more traffic to your website, engaging in search engine optimization tactics is key. For more information on developing a complete SEO strategy for your business, please give us a call! (800) 362-9446.