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Magento Shopping Cart Promotional Tools

Magento Shopping Cart Promotional Tools

There is a great deal of performance pressure on e-businesses due to an enormous field of competition. In order to stay competitive in this fast-paced and lucrative industry it is necessary for web designers to use all the tools at their disposal. Magento eCommerce is at the forefront of web developing technologies designed to maximize the productivity of business’ websites. There are a number of tools available for Magento developers to greatly increase revenue and customer checkout rates, ranging from multivariate testing to the Magento Shopping Cart suites.

The shopping cart represents a pivotal point in the customer-business relationship. This is the point where quality web design makes its biggest impact on revenue, really making or breaking a sale. With Magento Shopping Cart not only are you much more likely to make the sale, but you stand a good chance of increasing the sale amount by taking advantage of features, making cross-sells and up-sells much easier.

It is absolutely crucial to maximize customer options and really streamline the sale process in order give your customer possibilities while at the same time simplifying checkout. The Magento Shopping Cart is invaluable for accomplishing this—extending point-of-sale possibilities for both you and your customers (enabling last minute changes to customizable options, bundle selections, view of similar/promotional items, and so on).

The Magento Shopping Cart is specifically designed to ensure follow-through, and even to increase cart value so that you can make the most out of every visitor to your website. Magento eCommerce offers an extraordinary array of tools for shopping cart design. Listing them all would be impossible, but here are some of the things that Magento Shopping Cart extensions can enable you and your customer to do, right on the shopping cart page, without navigating away to change a shirt color, to input a coupon code, to upgrade to a bundle, etc.,—-making shopping cart customization as quick and easy as possible:

Coupon Flexibility:

It is notoriously difficult to write pricing rules, but with Magento’s revolutionary shopping cart extension, the difficulty is a thing of the past. Magento streamlines the process of changing coupon features by restricting its use to certain stores, to function only within a given time period, to be applicable only to a given set of products or product categories, to include free shipping and much more.

Quantity-Determined Pricing:

With Magento Shopping Cart, you are able to extend shopping cart pricing options to reflective price changes at different quantities. If you want to offer tiered pricing for different bulk amounts, this can now be done right from the shopping cart.

Customer and Group Specific Pricing:

Allowing you to price-scale according to group and customer-specific promotions. Whether you offer a rewards program for customers who have spent x amount of money, or you have deals worked out with groups who deal exclusively with you for an in-demand product, writing the rules is made extraordinarily simple by Magento.

Up-Sells and Cross-Sells:

You are now able to give customers the option to choose a superior product or a companion product while in their shopping cart. This is an extremely easy-to-use tool is an excellent way to increase average order value.

All of this and more is possible with the Magento Shopping Cart extension. Don’t ever lose a customer due to the hassle of not being able to make last-minute changes to their order, customize, or upgrade to better products. Further, you can choose to enable or disable whichever feature(s) you want, putting you in complete control! When you use Magento Shopping Cart, you will be able to capitalize on every visitor to your website, making it an excellent investment for your business that will serve you endlessly. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity!

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