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Google resellers! (that’s us!)

We can hardly believe all the business that can be accomplished (not to mention the money that can be saved) with Google Apps!!

It’s no secret how much an enterprise can spend just for basic email. (uhhh, talk to your IT purchaser or AP person, but tread softly….) But it isn’t widely known how something like Gmail for Business along with Enterprise Apps can turn your ‘near upside-down’ IT budget right-side up. The amount of maintenance and server space a company needs in order to store and share docs internally can be daunting, as dollars fly out the window.  Google Docs, with Spreadsheet, Presentation, Calender leave us dumbfounded -and grateful – that all of this comes with a phenomenal, yet inexpensive enterprise email system! If you ask us, cloud computing is the cost savings of the century!

Now, there is no mistaking that the phrase “Cloud computing” has been around for a while now, but RemoteLink has been “in the cloud” before there were words for it!  Providing hosted applications for corporate America and small business owners has been a priority for us since our inception.  What has us really jazzed is this ‘new’ idea of cloud.  It’s bigger, more comprehensive and far more collaborative.

This is why we became a Google Partner, representing Google premium apps.  If we can facilitate your success, we have done our job. The very thing that holds a business back, that keeps success at bay is most likely not the lack of good ideas or the lack of people wanting your good ideas, but tools.  How you get things done.  How you keep track.  How your billing works with your CRM.  How you track employee’s time. How you collaborate internally and with clients. With Google Apps you get independent tools and solutions working together – truly bringing you the best of the best!

Here’s how using Google apps has changed the way we do business, for the better.

  1. Having the best of the best helps! Apps are easy, easy to use!
  2. Gmail – I gotta tell you, the search is phenomenally fast. Organization, creating filters, etc… so intuitive
  3. Docs – Three cheers for collaboration – simple, inexpensive, real time.
  4. Calendar – I love controlling my own calendar, sharing workmates’ calendars that I can filter out if needed I can see everything, or just what I want.  Don’t even talk to me about reminders (I will go on forever!)
  5. Chat with video– again…collaboration.  Seeing is believing, well at least it really helps when hashing out sticky stuff, complex projects, or just checking in with remote workers.
  6. Google video securely hosts and streams our videos (training, non-pirated stuff, of course), so we don’t need to share videos over email, or burden IT with crazy, complex on-site video systems!


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