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Bookeo App Review

In the age of the internet, the importance of online appointments has never been higher. Businesses everywhere are trying to find their niche as well as brand persona with new internet technologies.

So who are people turning to?  Bookeo!

Bookeo is an online appointment booking application aimed simply at booking and maintaining appointments in the most efficient way possible. This is useful to almost any business in the world, and can save time and money with relative ease.

But why use this booking site and what makes it superior to others?

The amount of features offered from Bookeo are fairly impressive up front. With Bookeo (and a small fee), you are entitled to:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Prepaid Packages
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Workshops/Group Classes
  • Online Payments and Deposits
  • A sharp booking site with Pictures and videos
  • And much more…

The product looks legitimate and useful, but is it really worth a shot? Conveniently for me, Bookeo has a free demo right on the front page. Personally, I was impressed. The interface was extremely easy to navigate, and looked very professional. The organization the application offered was enough to impress by itself. Whether you are a customer booking an appointment, or a manager creating one, any information regarding the appointments is right in front of you always at your fingertips.
So what do you have to lose? The price point is fair, and integration is simple enough. I certainly think our company will be weighing the option of using Bookeo, and believe it can be a great benefit. Besides, it was just announced that it is integrated with Google Apps!

But what do I know… Just another opinion from a College Kid looking for useful and necessary applications.

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