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Google to Launch Itunes Competition

The rumor mill is spinning… and it’s about Google. The team has confirmed there will be an Itunes competitor coming from Google. According to the article, the digital music player will be launched in under two months, and will be part of Android Honeycomb. Yes, with the new digital music service there will potentially be an option […]

Google Tasks – Have you tried the Canvas yet?

Of all the Google Apps, I think Google Tasks are probably the least explored and utilized.  I think that might be because people aren’t aware of all the ways they can be useful. In Gmail – type tasks into the Pop-Up task box Also in Gmail – add emails to the task list (they’re automatically linked!) […]

uh…um… could I have the day off please?

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn about vacation policies that was originally posted on Twitter about a blog article on Hubspot. (Don’t you love how that all works?) In it’s blog,  ”MadMen Inspires HubSpot’s New Vacation Policy“ Hubspot features its ultra-liberal vacation policy* in the light of the past 50 years of policies.  The crux […]